Wednesday, March 21, 2018

7 Days in March

An angel driving an SUV stopped at my house several days last March and pretty much changed my life forever. She left as quietly as she came, gone to visit another home. That angel was Donna McClure, the RiverStone Hospice nurse who was featured in a recent SCN article upon her retirement.
My late wife Pam had suffered with cancer for 10 long months, for that time I was honored to be her only caregiver. Time passed, the disease progressed, her condition weakened and the decision was made to transition Pam into Hospice care. Like I told all my friends, “Pam’s ticket was punched…she was simply waiting for her ride.”
The tangible elements Hospice provided were easy to see: A hospital bed and all the personal and medical needs to comfort the dying and make their “trip” as pain free as possible. Donna supplied that with the skill set of someone who had done it for years.
I realize it was routine for Donna, but the compassion she displayed toward Pam, you just knew that every experience, every patient she had was special and she of course treated them that way. She masterfully preserved the dignity of human life for the dying and their loved ones and all involved were better for it. The non-tangible elements of Dona’s care was her immeasurable lifetime experience laced with love, support, comfort.
Since Pam passed I have not seen or talked with Donna, but I have sure thought plenty about her and others like her that live their lives entirely for the benefit of humanity. They do their job expertly and efficiently and move on. Like the vernacular of present time; “Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”
Their career is very specific and thus most would not know or recognize these amazing individuals until we need them. None-the-less, I know they are divinely guided and Heaven sent. God Bless and Thank You Donna McClure, enjoy your retirement and know you made a difference.

John T. Patterson