Friday, February 23, 2018

Three crosses stand at the Stillwater and Yellowstone county  border.Pastor Jay Forseth

Journeys in Faith

Coffindaffer’s Crosses

Wow, who knew? Re-check out this picture and read on…
There’s an amazing story behind the trio of crosses displayed on I-90, smack dab on our Stillwater/Yellowstone County line. This story aired on a PBS documentary called “Point Man for God” and was only two days from airing nationally on “CBS Sunday Morning” except the man behind COFFINDAFFER’S CROSSES died suddenly of a heart attack.
Mrs. Anne Fox remembers when Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer from West Virginia stopped by the John Fox farm near Park City, Montana and asked if he could erect three visible crosses to remind people of the meaning of Jesus’ redemption for our sins. Other farms from Billings to Big Timber turned him down but permission was generously granted by the Fox family.
The New York Times ran an article in 1993 that stated Coffindaffer died at age 68, but had built 1,842 clusters of these crosses in 29 states across America.
The goal was to involve all 50 states, so a group, “Crosses Across America,” moved forward and built hundreds more.
However, this is the only set in the state of Montana.
With family money from the oil industry and personal money from the sale of a coal washing business, a fortune of 3 million dollars was spent by the businessman turned evangelist.
I am thankful for this incredible reminder of Jesus dying for our sins, and I would like to personally thank the Fox family for their participation!